Su is looking down away from the camera, She is wearing a blue speckled shawl with pink strips of lace. She is sat against a navy blue background covered in silver constellations.

Hello! I’m Su, otherwise known as The Conscious Knitter. I’m a knitter, designer and maker, doing my best to slow down and create a simple life one stitch at a time.

But what does that mean?

For me, living a simple life is all about slowing down and getting back to basics. Taking the time to think about what you want for your life and creating a box of tools to help get you there.

After suffering for many years with anxiety I craved a life of happiness and simplicity. I don’t know what happened to help me make the shift, there was certainly no lightbulb moment. It had simply come to the point where it felt as though it was ‘it’ or me, and I chose me.

Whenever I get started with an idea I quickly become absorbed within it and began reading and listening to all I could find on the topics of slow living, positivity, mindfulness and anything else which ignited my curiosity. Over time I learned that it isn’t selfish to take care of myself, but necessary. This was then followed by focusing on the things that filled me up and letting go of those that didn’t, until eventually I began to recognise myself again. I started doing things that I had enjoyed in the past but had got lost over the years, such as writing and knitting. These two simple things helped to give me back a sense of purpose. Something that I now hope to share with you.

How can I help you to live more simply?

I love the slow nature of knitting. It is like a form of meditation that brings me peace and stillness. I began designing knitting patterns as a way of sharing that experience with others. This is why my designs feature soothing stitches and motifs that will envelope you in a sense of peace and calm, whether you are knitting them or wearing them.

My aim now is for anyone to be able to enjoy the warmth and comfort of hand knit socks and accessories, no matter what their knitting ability may be. If you are a knitter you can purchase all my designs on Payhip, with each pattern including a version that is specifically low vision accessible. If you are still able to use Ravelry and would like to add it to your library, please email me after purchase and I will send you a free Ravelry code. If you love my patterns but don’t have access to the yarn/s I’ve used, or you’d like to use something from your stash, you can find tips on yarn substitution here.

For those who love the look of my patterns but who may not have the means of creating them for themselves, I am slowly adding ready made versions my designs to my Etsy and Payhip shops. If there’s something that you would like to see, or can’t find your size, so email me and I’ll see what I can do for you!

I hope you will find inspiration here, whether you are a fellow knitter or simply an admirer of the craft. If you do enjoy what you discover you may like to join my monthly letter community where I share my thoughts on simple living, wellbeing and knitting, alongside a round-up of posts from my blog and other useful resources from around the internet.

I look forward to chatting with you again soon.

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