How to create a slow morning amid the chaos

As part of my intention for the year I’ve been looking in to simple living and how I can try to add some quiet in to my days. I’m a bugger for thinking that I can’t sit down until everything is done but I’m starting to learn that while this approach does get the things done, it doesn’t really provide any benefit to me and my mindset in the long run. Instead I feel as though I’m running around like a headless chicken with a sense that nothing is getting done because I’m always pushing my needs to the bottom of the to-do list.

And so, while down the Pinterest rabbit hole, I found a piece on creating a slow morning routine. It was a brilliant piece, with lots of good ideas but I was still left with the feeling that a slow morning couldn’t apply to me. I have the general chaos of getting ready for the school run and a puppy that isn’t fully housetrained yet. There is nothing slow about my morning. But I still wished for a little bit of that life.

But who gets to say when this ‘morning’ starts and ends? I may not get to do anything for myself until 10am but that doesn’t mean it’s then too late to do something. So I’ve set about trying to formulate my own version of a slow morning. One that incorporates the usual morning chaos, the school run and walking the dog. I asked myself, “If I had 5 minutes peace, what would I want to do?”. My answer: sit quietly and drink a hot cup of tea. So I’m making time, somewhere between the hours of breakfast and lunchtime, to do just that. I don’t need to crack on with the chores the minute I get back in with the dog. They aren’t going anywhere and they will still get done, just after I’ve sat and had my tea.

After years of telling myself that I must crack on if I want to achieve anything, to sit and relax first is very alien to me. But even after only a week I can already tell that taking that time to sit quietly and do something for me has me feeling less overwhelmed and better able to straighten out my thoughts. It even inspired this blog post so maybe my creativity will benefit too.

So I end this post with a question for you… If you had 5 minutes peace, what would you want to do? Let me know in the comments below on Instagram using the hashtag #CreateRelaxUnwind.

In need of a little inspiration? You can find my simple living Pinterest board here.

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