How to weave in ends as you go

As someone who hates weaving in ends at the end of a project, you can imagine my joy when I discovered that you could weave in the ends as you go along!  I thought I would put together a little set of instructions to share this skill with you.

(The images show me purling the stitches as it is easier for you to see what the yarn tail and working yarn are doing but the instructions also work if you are knitting the stitches.)

Weaving in ends. Right needle is through the first stitch on left hand needle with yarn tail held over right needle.

1. Insert the right needle through the stitch as if to knit or purl.  Take the yarn tail that you would like to weave in and hold it across the needle. (Front to back if purling the stitch, back to front if knitting the stitch.)

Weaving in ends. Stitch has been worked. Yarn tail is now held between first two stitches on right needle.

2. Knit or purl the stitch as normal, taking care to bring the right hand needle under the yarn tail.  The yarn tail should now be sitting across the working yarn.

Weaving in ends. Next stitch has been worked as normal. Yarn tail is now held in place by the working yarn carried between the stitches.

3. Knit or purl the next stitch as normal.  The working yarn should now be holding the yarn tail in place.

Weaving in ends. Finished row. Unable to notice yarn tail except for the end that needs to be trimmed.

4. Repeat these 3 steps until the yarn tail is woven in as far as you would like.  You could  still secure it in using your usual method if you wish.

I hope that this tip will prove useful and make weaving in ends less of a chore. Let me know how you get on by commenting below or by using the hashtag #CreateRelaxUnwind over on Instagram.

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